How it works

From the very beginning, the patented Mr Fixture has been designed to easily integrate into any existing bathroom and use as little water as possible to flush. It's unique design virtually eliminates the possibility of splashing and urine splatter.

View a quick minute long animation illustrating the design and function of the Mr Fixture. You can see how the valving, water flow, trap, drainage, and adapter plate all work together.



For someone with plumbing skills, installing a Mr Fixture is no more complex than changing a seal on a toilet. No room renovation is required unless your bathroom has large baseboards which may need trimming.

Water Consumption

The Mr Fixture unit is designed to flush completely with just 4 ounces of water. When compared to a modern "water saver" toilet, the toilet still uses more than 50 times the water that a Mr Fixture does.

Below are some animations that help illustrate the tremendous water savings that can be realized with the use of Mr Fixture units instead of "water saver" toilets.

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John Corbin

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